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Kaabil 2017 DvD Rip HD x264 Full Movie Download

Kaabil 2017 DvD Rip HD x264

Title Kaabil 2017 DvD Rip HD x264


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Fantabuluscious acting. Worth watching in theatre. Well Directed. Hrithik, Yami and Roy Bros. Did very good acting. Would recommend others to watch once in theatre.


Love the concept...Complete Family Entertainer...Audience feels connected with characters...screenplay is awesome..Music is very good..Highly recommended


awesome movie all goes to hritik performance and yami gautam ,full paisa wasool movie entertainment, entertainment ,entertaining movie suspense is in the every seen


Bharath N P
Awesome performance by HR. Overall a nice movie which belongs to HR. He nailed it to the core. What a terrific performer he is!! Music is good so is the dailogues


excellent movie .awesome and well made.You never get bored. Hrithik shines as an actor in the movie.Awesome...!!! Ronit and Rohit Roy well played the role. Ronit roy is an excellent actor.


Movie Info :
Rohan, 31, is a dubbing artist. His days are spent in the studio, nights at home. In today's complex world, Rohan is a simple man with one dream -- to lead a normal life and in time, to find someone with whom he can build a happy home. His journey leads him to meet the independent and level-headed Supriya.

It's love at first sight for Rohan. He wins her over with his honesty and optimism. The two discover happiness, laughter and passion. Supriya becomes his life and her happiness becomes more important than his own. Love gives them a fairytale and the two get married. Together, they begin to build the world of their dreams. Together, they believe they can achieve anything. Until one fateful day, changes it all...

The grave tragedy leaves Rohan isolated and completely in the dark. In his quest for answers, Rohan stumbles upon the devastating truth of what really happened that compelled Supriya to leave him all alone. And why.

Driven by his loss, rage and his undying love for Supriya, Rohan is propelled into a no holds barred battle of strength and wit against the powerful people responsible for destroying his perfect life.

Now, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal, not even the fact that he is BLIND since birth.
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