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RAEES 2017 DvDRIP hd X264 Full Movie Download

RAEES 2017 DvDRIP hd X264

Title RAEES 2017 DvDRIP hd X264


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SRK played a very matured role, pleasing to see launch of Mahira. Movie was high on content, few fillers could have been avoided. overall movie garnered collections what it deserved.


The best performance, after long time from Shahrukh,. He is back, even if you are not fan of Him, you will become his fan, Navazuddin as usual at his best... Very good movie overall!!!


the ending of the movie could have been better .nAnd this time it was out off box that villan shot the hero in bollywood scheme of movies .nSo overall it was great but ending could have better


Amit Kumar
GOOD MOVIE ..Good acting done by SRK..Overall good movie to watch..Movie is very intresting in first half and then its very slow..action scenes are very good.and songs too..


Kashyap Thakkar
Comlete enertaning movie. Must watch with family. SRK is outstanding. Diologue of the movie is appealing. Story is peedictable but you will definately enjoy the movie.


Movie Info :
Raees is set in the early 80's and 90's in Gujarat, India. It is a fictitious story of a man, Raees, who builds an entire empire from the scratch. It's a story about his rise and his relationships, which help him become the single most powerful man in the state.

Less of a gangster but more of an impresario, Raees gains popularity and trust through his sharp, entrepreneurial and ruthless business mind. His unfettered determination, guided by a heart of gold, earns him a cult following. His character encapsulates a distinct and unique blend of personas, making him revered, loved and feared.

Always thinking ahead of the curve and using revolutionary ideas of management which were unheard of during his time, but are now doctrines for students, Raees eliminates every opposition that comes his way. However, his downfall will be crossing paths with the no-nonsense police officer Majmudar, whose sole reason for existence is the elimination of crime.

What ensues next is a tumultuous battle between the two, forming a key defining element of the film's narrative.
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